Aluminum welding The next frontier for technicians

14486_23137For automotive designers and manufacturers, finding ways to increase fuel economy has become a primary—and increasingly complicated—goal. In the U.S., regulations now focus on a requirement that every automaker achieve a corporate average fuel economy (CAFE) of 54.5 mpg by 2025. Such dramatic improvements once seemed impractical or impossible, but today they are the new reality for automakers.

In response to these emissions regulations and to the evolving preferences of consumers, automakers have generated a “Technical Tsunami”—the waves of change resulting in new technologies and new materials like aluminum, magnesium, carbon fiber, advanced high-strength steels, and vehicle-wide proliferation of advanced electronics. Many of these require specialized training to repair. In 2015 alone, automakers introduced 142 new or redesigned vehicle models.

The aluminum-intensive 2015 Ford F-150 shed 700 lb (318 kg) compared with previous models. The drastic material change to the F-150, with its longstanding reputation as one of America’s best-selling vehicles, caused the industry to stand up and take notice.

Maintaining a standard of vehicle repair safety with aluminum

As progress has been made toward adopting aluminum for automotive structures, industry leaders have

New compact PEMS aims to plug the emissions compliance gap

14429_23058A patented emissions assessment system for on-the-road testing is coming to market just as governments expand their vehicle test procedures in the wake of the Volkswagen cheating scandal.

The compact size of Global MRV’s Firefly portable emissions measurement system (PEMS) will enable fleet operators to obtain previously untapped information while a vehicle is on the road.

“Fleet operators can use the Firefly to measure, report, and verify in real-time that the fleet’s light- and heavy-duty vehicles are meeting emissions requirements and performance targets,” said Jeremy Burne, Business Development Director of Global MRV Inc., in an Automotive Engineering interview.

Due to enter the market as early as mid-2016, the Firefly is substantially smaller and lighter than a conventional PEMS. Burne claims it is the world’s first “embedded micro PEMS” for real-time emissions and engine performance monitoring. He noted that the Firefly’s U.S. patent addresses the algorithms used to calculate the emissions.

Firefly’s package measures 11 x 11 x 3-in (280 x 280 x 6 mm). The 7-lb (3.2 kg) unit provides continuous analysis of diesel or gasoline emission constituents—specifically CO, CO2, NOx,

Decoupling solutions for RWD and AWD

TrelleborgVibra14483_23128coustic announces two new decoupling solutions for RWD and AWD vehicles that the company claims offer durability, weight, packaging, and tuning advantages. Decoupling elements in the driveline help attenuate noise and vibration by isolating torsional vibration occurring at the prop shaft. They also harmonize the torque ramp-up and compensate the axial displacement and cardanic angle. The NRG-disc (New Rubber Generation Disc) cord-reinforced elastomer coupling features specific cord packages for drive and overrun direction. The design uses different cord types, optimized winding processes, and rubber compounds, enabling any desired spring rate to be set in combination with special bushings to ensure axial force compensation. The coupling’s design can be tuned to the customer’s isolation and stiffness requirements without a change of geometrical dimensions. TrelleborgVibracoustic’s tube-in-tube system replaces traditional flexible couplings and is suited for hybrid vehicles, particularly where installation space is tight. The system incorporates the functionality of a flexible coupling into a prop shaft with “virtually no additional packaging requirements,” the company claims. With specific design customizations, the tube-in-tube unit can also be used as a crash element, absorbing energy

Affordable but Stylish Looking Wheels for Your Car

Many people will surely love to have the kind of stylish looking rim for their car. Unfortunately, to get the kind of stylish looking rim is not something cheap to do. That is because you will need to pay for a lot of money even for a single wheel for your lovely car. Fortunately, there are some nice looking and stylish wheels and rims that you can get from UsaRim that will cost you the nice amount of money. To make it simpler, the rims and wheels that you can get from there are considerably affordable but still as stylish as the expensive ones. If you are also looking for the stylish looking rims but you have the limited amount of money, then some of these things might be worth to learn.

The first thing that you need to understand is that the price for a single rim is not cheap at all. If you are looking for the real standard rim for your car, then you will need at least 200 dollars for each of those rims. Or else, you might want to spend about 600 dollars for the full rim set. However, the quality might be

Why Many Car Body Parts Are Breakable


We all love our cars. There isn’t any doubt that the car is an amazing invention that has shaped the modern age and is continuing to expand as an industry. Even if we take a look at the evolution of technology and the entire world’s progress as a whole, we will see that vehicles have a lot to do with it. Can anyone really imagine a world without cars anymore? Or without any motorized vehicles as a whole? It is hard to think that nowadays you can basically travel wherever you want and at your own pace (with some limits, of course, but still). But although vehicles have given us freedom, we are a bit enslaved by them. We have to care for their maintenance and in many parts of the world you have to have a car in order to even get a proper job. And this is doubly so if public transportation isn’t as good or as developed in your country.

But no matter how much we care about our personal vehicles, sometimes it all seems a bit shady.

Mercedes Benz A-Class – The Peppy Class

Here comes another sleek, peppy and elegant younger member of the Mercedes family. The easy going Mercedes-Benz A-class. It’s the first ever build hatchback by the premium car maker. Riding one of this will certainly turn some of the heads on the streets. And yes you can also redefine it with additional features, spending some little extra bucks. Let’s go on a joyride in the first class, the A-class.

The power bank

This little lady is available in two variants 1.6 litre petrol turbo charged and 2.2 litre diesel. The petrol variant spits out a power of 122bhp and that of its diesel counterpart does a decent 134bhp. Although it is not the most powerful drive train in a Mercedes but it certainly does its job. Both the variants are equipped with 7 speed automatic transmission transferring power to the front Mercedes wheels. It can zest u from 0-60mph in 11.1 seconds. Mileage of 13.5kmpl is not very bad for a power packed hatchback. And you can be sure of cruising a long distance with its 50 litre fuel tank.

Look at my body folks

Surely it can beat its competitors in the category

Fun Facts About Car Maintenance

There are some pretty basic necessities when it comes to a happy and healthy car, and while you may be familiar with them, there are some fun facts that comes along with these top tips.

Oil Change

Having your oil changed, as well as the oil filter, regularly is basic car maintenance knowledge. If you consider that there are around 250 million passenger vehicles in the United States and that the average American drives around 10,000 miles per year that translates to almost 900 million oil changes (Based on an oil change every 3,000 miles). The average vehicle takes around 7 quarts of oil which equates to over a billion gallons every year.

Rotating Tires

When tires were invented in 1911 the structure was different than it is today. The original tires were more similar to a bicycles tires, with an inflatable inner tube offering a firm base for the outer shell. As the tire involved drivers would replace their tires frequently, now? Your tires should see you through 50,000 miles or even more! That is, of course, if you take advantage of the advanced technology available. Get your tires rotated regularly, and take

Independent Auto Repair Shops

There is more advantage that comes with one servicing their car at independent auto repair shops. Mostly, it is believed that the mechanics these places are competent and more disciplined compared to the Dealer service counterparts.

You can even put a special request to the management team to have your car put in the first priority and also being privileged enough to enjoy more customer offers at independent auto repair shops.

Cheaper Services.

Independent Auto repair shops offer affordable prices for repair services. This makes them the best option for people looking out for cheaper but quality services. This is highly contributed to the competition encountered by the latter from the fellow independent auto repair shops and dealerships.

High-Quality Technicians.

Independent auto repair shops have the best and high-quality technicians. This is obviously contributed to the trend of individuals joining this field after serving in the dealer shops for long. It is in the independent repair shops that you will find mechanics who can service a wide variety of car brands and models.

Little Mistakes.

The independent auto shops do not have a guarantee of customers every day. This makes them keen on their work so as to attract more customers every other day. This way they